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Andy F1
Andy F1
Wizard of OSINT

About the instructor

My name is Andrew Fordred a Namibian and a Formula 1 fanatic (AndyF1 your first lesson in OSINT: username) but equally passionate about OSINT.
My career began in law enforcement with the Crime Intelligence Services of the South African police focusing on terrorism and organised crime, and later was employed in a number of corporate positions.
12 years on in 2005 I started my own business.  It was from here that I became massively interested in developing open source investigations in support of due diligence, criminal investigations, and providing intelligence services. I spent many hours developing different techniques and exploring a variety of tools (setting up a VM used to be quite intimidating let alone trying to understand Kali) to extract data from that big open source aka “the internet”, complementing almost any form of investigation or research.
Today, not only am I associated with some of the best in the industry but also use python for OSINT collection, tools such as opensearchserver, Kali Linux, Maltego (authorised trainer), Hunchly and others.  The journey hasn’t been easy, the industry is fast paced and it’s hard to keep up.
This is my opportunity to share my knowledge with my students, to support you through this journey and help you develop some incredible skills for effective and powerful open source investigations.


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Timothy LaRocque

Great Pratice

This is the best real-life-like scenario I have come across thus far! I have only reached the fourth question because the other questions are so challenging. Who knows, I may looking into the questions too much and going further then I need to, ...

hanof naif


Open source intelligence go through investigation from A to Z to build up big Picture in world of cybercrime &threats etc....

Stefano Cioce


Regolare very good

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